The Other Side


“Africa is nothing but a poor continent where people die of hunger!” “All the women in India are oppressed and can’t even leave their homes!” “It’s impossible to experience anything positive in a war-torn country.” Some stereotypes are hard to crack, but they don’t always ring true, and sometimes only speak for certain parts of a country. But take the time to scratch beneath the surface, and you might just be surprised by what you find on The Other Side.

Sometimes even two people from the same country can have completely different realities and never even suspect how the other side lives. The documentary series, The Other Side, presents the unknown stories of places that are often subject to harsh preconceptions, as director Karina Marceau meets with the people who live there and are tearing down age-old prejudices.


13 x 52 minutes


Karina Marceau


Jean-Pascal Morneau


Jean-Pascal Morneau



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