Animated movie



On the morning of the 23rd December in Father Christmas town, Simon, a 10 year old orphan, receives yet another adoption rejection. He is unhappy. After all this time and all these refusals, he is left with one last hope: that a miracle will grant him a family. Meanwhile, victims of a sabotage threatening the distribution of Christmas presents, the Father Christmas town council is forced to entrust a key mission to Kobold, an unmotivated and incompetent elf. His mission is to bring back a flask full of stardust, a substance giving Father Christmas’ sleigh the speed required to distribute all the presents before the 25th December. Along the way, Kobold crosses paths with Simon, who decides to accompany him on his journey. Confronted with the harsh reality of the North Pole, will they manage to save Christmas? Is Simon still justified in believing in miracles?


1 X 45 minutes




Wade Konowalchuk


Ciné-Fête, Henri Gagnon Distribution