The Royal Family

Animated series


The Royal Family is an animated sitcom about the adventures of a regular family who just happen to be royal – with all the chaos and crazy opportunities that brings!

The problems they face might not on the surface be exactly the same as the rest of us, but at heart they’re universal problems, just on a grander scale. Every kid can relate to having an annoying sibling, going to boring family events or having to put on smart clothes they really don’t like, but when you’re royal, those problems are played out on a bigger stage, magnified to comic proportions from a relatable starting point...

Alice, Harry and their Mum and Dad - better known to the rest of the Kingdom as their Royal Highnesses the Queen and King! - are trying their best to figure out what it means to be royal in the 21st Century. Sure they live in a palace, but they still want to cosy up and enjoy movie night. Yes they have a personal chef who can whistle up a five course banquet every day, but sometimes you just want a takeaway pizza. And while it’s great to be a VIP guest wherever you go, is it so bad to occasionally want to blend in with the crowd? But as they’re all finding out, it’s hard to have a normal family life when your situation is anything but!




Gaumont Animation


52 x 11 min.