Great North Terminal

Feature-length fiction film

April 2012, the bodies of two young Innu from Maliotenam, Natasha and her sister, Gina, are found close to a snowmobile trail in Schefferville, a few hundred kilometres from their home. Inspector Émile Morin hurries to the scene from Montreal on the orders of a fearful Government concerned that a scandal is about to break. Inspector Morin investigates, but in vain. No-one remembers seeing the girls from Maliotenam. Inspector Morin will have to rely on his friend Giovanni “Johnny” Celani’s help to navigate the climate of tension in this former mining Eldorado where today jobs are rarer than fights over slot machines.

Johnny introduces Inspector Morin to everybody: Sam, his Innu friend and master of Machiavellianism, who can always be found at the hotel bar and is constantly asking the pair to change their ideas; Antoine, “the emperor”, who owns the hotel, the bar and the taxi service; and Marie, the women Johnny left the big city for without a second thought… When regrets, bad faith and half-truths mix, will Inspector Morin be able to stop history from repeating itself?

Faced with a situation where complex cultural, social, economic and political realities come clashing together, finding the truth will not be easy. The people living out here are as real, scuffed and rugged as the climate they live in. At least, that’s what they let the Inspector believe…

Great North Terminal


1 X 90 minutes


Michel Gauthier Productions


Isabelle Lafortune


Jeanne Leblanc

1 877 320-2040