Anticosti : L'île au naufrages

Documentary series

One of the world’s most dangerous waterways, the St. Lawrence River is notorious for treacherous passages that have long been feared by sailors, including the infamous Anticosti Island. Since the 17th century, 235 shipwrecks have been recorded in these hostile waters. Also known as the “Graveyard of the St. Lawrence,” Anticosti Island has a rich history of legends and folktales. It was believed that pirates, witches, smugglers, wreckers and even the Devil were behind the shipwrecks in what was long considered to be one of the most desolate regions in North America.

Embarking on an investigative journey through time, Samuel Côté and his team set out to disentangle truth from fiction, exploring dozens of wrecks and hidden archaeological sites to uncover the truth behind the numerous shipwrecks that have been recorded over the centuries.


4 x 30 min

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