Trulli Tales

Animated series


Trulli Tales is a children’s animated series that tells the adventures of four little characters called the Trullalleri who attend cookery classes at the famous school of magic and cooking in Trulloland. However, before they can become great chef-magicians, Trulloring, Trullashine, Trullowhiz and Trullastar must first learn to use their cookery skills as well as their magic powers. The magic recipes can be found in a very special book – Trullagrandma’s magic cookbook – which is in danger of disappearing forever, along with its powerful recipes, thanks to the scheming Copper Wizard.


52 X 11 minutes


SRC, Disney France, Disney Europe, Globosat Brésil, RAI Italie


Gaumont Animation, Congedo Culturarte, Fandango


Éric Gosselet



Trulli Tales for mobile devices lets young players inside the little world of Trullolland and helps the Trullalleri progress as students at the prestigious school of magic and cooking. The objective of the game is to successfully complete as many of the workshops as possible to help the Trullalleri evolve as apprentice chef-magicians.



Based on the animated series of the same name, Trulli Tales is a highly dynamic and fun game aimed at 4 to7 year olds. It lets children inside the wonderful and colorful world of Trullolland, where they can join the four little characters from the TV series in various activities and stories and learn to deal with problems and emotions relevant to children of this age. The game is a mix of free exploration and small and exciting missions to accomplish.