Sam Héroux is an eight-year-old who lives in Saint-Roch, Quebec City who’s just crazy about superheroes. For such a little kid, he’s got a big burden to carry; looking after his dysfunctional family. Sam helps out his former-Olympic-champion depressed mom, his pre-teen sister who’s looking for acceptance through a second life on social media, and his grandma who loses her mind when she discovers… her superpowers! Selling cookies and chocolate to pay for a school trip to New York, Sam finds out that Verreault, his neighbourhood’s patron, is in fact a crook! The intimidating man is partly responsible for his family’s problems. With his grandma’s help (she’s supergrandma now that Sam’s coaching her), Sam will clean up his neighbourhood and overthrow the supervillain Verreault. But first of all, he needs to find his inner-hero, overcome his fears and save his family by giving it all the trust, dignity and love it needs.


1 x 90 minutes