Professionals without borders

Documentary series



Professionals Without Borders is a documentary series which goes to meet aid workers involved in the great humanitarian and environmental development projects of our century. These men and women, scattered across the four corners of the earth, have decided to offer their professional skills to help the most destitute. Get a personal feel for the pace of these real-life adventures; with its human, entertaining and well-informed approach, Professionals Without Borders demystifies the risks of international development, which we all too often ignore. Health, environment, education, democracy, children’s and women’s rights, so many different issues motivate these workers to strive for a fitting reward for their perseverance.


13 X 30 minutes




Karina Marceau


Ciné-Fête, SRC-Distribution


Pilote sans frontières
Vétérinaire sans frontières
Intervenants sociaux sans frontières
Humaniste sans frontières
Cuisiniers sans frontières
Retraités sans frontières
« Maman » sans frontières
L’entraide sans frontières
Jeune sans frontières
Gynécologue sans frontières
Optométristes sans frontières
Environnementaliste sans frontières
Enseignante sans frontières



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The website for the documentary series Professionals Without Borders presents the many men and women, scattered across the globe, who have decided to dedicate their professional skills to help the most destitute.