On est tous des artistes

Documentary series



On est tous des artistes is a series which explore the world of artists considered popular, throughout Quebec. More than a simple presentation of the artists and their work, each of the programs establishes bridges between them. Each program covers the world of two individuals thrown together by their creations. They are not professionals; neither do they claim to aspire to this. Even though art plays a part in their lives, it does not completely take over. The vast majority of them do not find any real explanation for their talent. These self-taught artists thank some higher power and gaze at others creatively, without necessarily setting out to prove anything. Most of them prefer a peaceful retirement rather than striving for celebrity, which is so difficult to attain and, in any case, is not what they want. The series On est tous des artistes enlightens us as to who they are and what they do.


23 X 30 minutes







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The website for On est tous des artistes - Art by you and me has the job of gathering together a community of artists through the act of collecting their work and their art. The site opens a window on their universe, by allowing everyone to subscribe in order to reveal their talents. Reinforcing the documentary series of the same name which presents 24 very original artists, the website acts as a virtual art gallery. In addition, it offers information on the history of this form of human expression. Groupe PVP produced the series and dealt with the complete Internet project.