Lola et moi



Annie, a shy librarian with the ability to create parallel universes through Claude Gauvreau’s poetry, meets Lola, a femme fatale who accumulates as many lovers as she throws parties. Despite their differences, their interest for the same jaded jazz pianist and their numerous misunderstandings, they soon become bonded by a strong friendship. When Annie learns that Lola has cancer, she invents fantasy worlds overshadowing Lola’s illness, the pain caused by her treatments, the woes of the hospital’s strange staff and even death itself...


1 x 90 minutes



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Simple yet whimsical, the Lola et moi website allows users to discover the intrigue of the tale through synopses and a short introduction video from the director herself. A section on the film’s characters, each more colourful than the next, provides information and anecdotes that will captivate you from the first look. Internet users can access a section detailing the sources of inspiration for the film’s visual development. A time lines retrace the most important moments in Yanie and her friend’s real-life friendship. Finally, people can discover Yanie Dupont-Hébert through her biography and video links to her prior work.