Animated series


In the World of Light, a parallel universe that lies beneath our own planet, there are magic butterflies called butterfly-guides that have the power to accompany children in their day-to-day lives and inspire them to achieve their greatest dreams. It’s even said that sooner or later, every child in the world will be assigned a butterfly-guide.

Akinna and Niko are two children with special access to the butterfly-guides’ secret universe: the World of Light. They team up with five of these little flying bugs that each embody a state of mind or an attitude to adopt to help make children’s dreams come true. Day in day out, the cheerful gang goes to the rescue of children without butterfly-guides and helps them pursue their greatest dreams.

However, the World of Light is constantly under threat and these brave little heroes must work together to protect it. Each of their missions is packed full of mishaps, surprises or funny incidents. Akinna and Niko will experience some exciting moments with their new friends while they get closer to realizing their own dreams one day at a time.


52 x 11 minutes